Our Staff

Pastor Steve Dyson

Senior Pastor

Pastor Steve was converted in his twenties and attended Woodlyn Baptist Church for the first time in the summer of ’75. Soon after, a church member invited him to a Young Adult Retreat in February ’76. He went half-willingly, but God’s Word had a powerful effect and he was never the same! Before conversion, he believed the Bible to be obsolete and mostly myth. So with faith in Christ and His Word, he applied to the Reformed Episcopal Seminary to study the truth of the Bible. The church called him to serve as assistant pastor in ‘79 and pastor in ‘82. Over many years of ministry one over-arching desire has grown in Pastor Steve’s heart – that Woodlyn would become a display of God’s glory in the world and to the world. For Pastor Steve’s part, this means teaching and preaching God’s Word to equip God’s people to help each other mature in Christ-likeness. To become like Christ in the world, is to make Christ known to the world. One body, many members, working together with Him.

Pastor Mark Snyder

Associate Pastor

Pastor Mark Snyder is one of our Associate Pastors at Woodlyn Baptist Church. He and his wife had been worshiping at Woodlyn for 10 years before the church formally asked him to serve as one of their Associate Pastors. Married with one son, Mark became a believing Christian while in college. Once a Christian, pastor Snyder’s entire direction in life changed. He pursued a Masters of Divinity at Reformed Episcopal Seminary in order to gain a greater understanding of the Word of God, and to be prepared for God’s future calling. Mark has been serving as an Associate Pastor since 2003.

Pastor Rollin J. “Skip” Blackburn

Associate Pastor

Pastor Skip has two adult children, Erin and Alicia. Skip graduated from Reformed Episcopal Seminary (RES) in 1979, where he met Pastor Steve. Skip finished his schooling in 1998, earning his PhD from Temple University. His greatest passions are the Bible and biblical thinking. Because of his commitment to the study of biblical languages (Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic) Pastor Skip was called to carry on the work of his mentor Dr. Milton C. Fisher teaching the Old Testament at Reformed Episcopal Seminary. He is now Professor of Biblical Languages and Literature at RES and is Chairman of the Bible department. At Woodlyn Baptist, his primary focus is teaching the Bible, teaching Sunday School, and occasionally preaching. Skip leads several Bible studies. He is often mistaken for a custodian or sound technician for some reason. “Consider how I love Your precepts; Revive me, O LORD, according to Your lovingkindness. The entirety of Your word is truth, And every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever.” — Psalm 119:159-160

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